Personal info

My name is Dennis Lehd. I live and work in Denmark more accurately Frederiksberg. I am above 40 years old, married with 2 kids.

Educationwise I have studied computer science at the University of Copenhagen.

Some history

I opened the company in 2003 where I cleaned stairs. I learned how to bookkeep and the company grew large whereafter I sold it.

I then opened again in 2007 making a living off bookkeeping primarily. I then employed my skills with computers to facilitate the work. From this point my company has been growing steadily and I now service a good amount of customers with bookkeeping and other administration.

Practical info

Den Hjælpende Hånd v/Dennis Lehd
Yrsavej 7, 2.
2000 Frederiksberg
Tlf. 42644560
mail: bogholder@dhh2000.dk
CVR: 27181511
Indbetalinger er til konto:
Nordea 5501-4374 232 458